Pregnancy Yoga Relaxation

This section of my DVD discovers how guided relaxation promotes deep relaxation and peace that will bring a restful moment of comfort and well-being for you and your baby.

Wake up to Yoga … Wake up to Life

A morning Yoga session to wake up the body, mind and heart to a new day. This 20 min practice is suitable for even beginners, however it is important to view the video first and then go at your own pace. Sighle has been teaching Yoga for over 25 yrs. and it has helped her to deal with the changing winds of life, including the recovery of back surgery- Spinal Fusion, and more recently Breast Cancer.

Most of all, Yoga makes me aware of living fully in the moment- as life is – this is a wonderful gift, and my hope is to extend it on to you in this video

Yoga Quick-Fix

This practice will take less that 15 minutes, and is suitable for most people ( always check with your doctor before starting an new exercise program. It will help loosen hips and shoulders, free the spine and create the energy for the day ahead.

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