One to one Restorative Yoga

Cost: €60/ 80

Tues 60 / 90 minutes - afternoons

Private Yoga Sessions

An opportunity for you to receive a personalised safe complete Yoga practice. At a one to one session, Sighle sets out to skilfully design a gentle routine of Asanas, Pranayama and Relaxation uniquely for you. The tools can help relieve common muscular pains and aches such as headaches, and backache.

These Structural Yoga Remedies can also be of great benefit to those suffering from life threatening illness or chronic pain. Suitable for men and women, of all ages and levels of flexibility. Particularly useful for any of you who would like more that a group Yoga class can offer. 

Sighle has completed a training in Restorative Yoga with world renowned teacher Judith Lasater and is now eager to share the deeply healing resources of the practice with you, along with Contemporary Yoga.

Restorative Yoga allows your body to unwind, by introducing gentle stretches which focus on key areas of tension in the neck, lower back and abdomen. The whole body is then fully supported with props which allow you to safely open, release and go very deeply into relaxation. This is a way of “undoing” body tension which can be the cause of so much pain.Restful Yoga for stressful times!

To book a session please call Sighle : 0857265827, or email

The next course starts 1st of January