One to one Restorative Yoga on line

Cost: €80

Tues 2pm - afternoons

Private Yoga Sessions can offer a more tailored experience than a group class.

This is an opportunity for you to receive a personalised safe practice. Time tested Yoga techniques can help support you physically, mentally and emotionally – no matter what life challenges you are living with. These tools and structural remedies help empower you, balance your energy and quieten the busy mind.

By skilfully introducing props and supporting the body safely, gentle yet deep letting go follows. Key areas of tension in the neck, lower back and abdomen are released. “Undoing” instead of doing Yoga, allows you to open, and go very deeply into relaxation. Restful Yoga for stressful times!

To book a session please call Sighle : 0857265827, or email

The next course starts 1st of January