Complete Birth Preparation Session for Couples

Cost: €80 per couple - includes notes and " Labour of Love" DVD - for antenatal & postnatal care.

17 Dec 10:00 - 13:00
28 Jan 10:00 - 13:00

Come together to support each other and your baby-  Prepare for your ‘big day’.


” Occasionally I felt fear and panic set in, but my partner’s coaching of the deep breathing really worked. I would recommend the couples class as it prepared him – he understood what he needed to do. Not having the epidural was fantastic as I had full control over the pushing and was up walking about 45 minutes after delivery. The nurses were amazed at how quickly she arrived, especially for a first baby.”  –  Laura, 19th of February, 2014

This monthly gentle Birth Preparation Intensive session for couples is an opportunity to prepare together for a more stress-free labour. There is a free copy of “Labour of Love”  (see ) the only Irish professionally produced guided Yoga practice for a healthy pregnancy and stress free labour. Sighle’s DVD can also be used after the birth to strengthen ,relax and recover quickly.

Sighle has over 20 yrs. experience preparing women to birth well and then enjoy a speedy recovery. She will instruct your birthing partner how to coach pain relieving breathing techniques that have empowered so many couples over the years. This session is a chance to explore fears, and voice concerns about the birth in a safe environment. Partners leave the session knowing that they have a very valid supportive role to play at every stage of labour.

Most of all, it’s” time out” to focus,relax and connect, as a couple with your baby.

Private sessions are also available.  For home practice you can try my Pregnancy Yoga DVD “Labour of Love” If you would like to try one of my classes book a drop-in session for €20 (subject to availability).

The next courses start:

  • Sunday's class - 17th of December
  • Sunday's class - 28th of January