Yoga for Pregnancy

Cost: €120 - Runs for 6 weeks

Weds 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Weds 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Put yourself and your baby in safe hands

I only had until midnight last night to be able to have a home birth! Wahoo! -such a perfect birth -no intervention or drugs just a good understanding of my body and the breath! Incredible ! Thank you for all the help getting me through it.  Mother of Juno, Liz : 7th Oct 2017

‘Sighle, you absolutely got me through it and I really don’t think I could have done or have been nearly as controlled and confident if I hadn’t been doing yoga with you.’  Juliet’s mum, Rachel  (Juliet born on her due date 20th January 2017)

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to discover the benefits of Yoga

For over twenty years now, Yoga for Pregnancy with Sighle has proven to be the perfect form of self care during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Sighle’s unique gentle style of Pregnancy Yoga has evolved into a comprehensive, safe practice for pregnancy and birth.These classes have supported and guided hundreds of Irish women safely through pregnancy, and inspired countless women to birth well, and recover quickly. Numbers limited to ensure personal attention 

Each session includes gentle Restorative Yoga stretches, birth preparation with effective breathing techniques for labour, Meditation and Relaxation. From her Remedial training, the asanas are especially modified to care for pregnancy related body changes .Meditation and relaxation techniques offer the much needed “time out” to acknowledge and integrate the many changes that are experienced throughout these very special months. Special attention is given at each session to breathing and movements that ensure a more stress free experience of birth. Sighle will create a safe comfortable space which allows you to voice and questions any concerns you may have, so that you can relax and enjoy connecting to your baby.

These classes offer you a “bag of tools” that help alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy, boosts your energy, and builds the physical stamina and physiological strength needed to birth your baby. The classes have helped many women to find creative ways of coping with labour both at home, and in the labour ward. Over the years, Sighle has attended many births, and witnessed Yoga being used successfully, to reduce stress and intervention.She is a mother to three adult sons and grandmother to Faye and Ivy. You can start classes from week 15 of pregnancy, and continue until your due date. It is therefore difficult to arrange definite starting dates, so best to check when there will be a space available .Numbers are limited to ensure individual attention.

The next courses start:

  • Wedsday's class - 20th of September
  • Wedsday's class - 8th of November